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"Imagine surrealistic worlds, images and objects that are at the same time frightening and fanciful, weird and whimsical, eerie and eccentric, and in all cases arresting and provoking. These are the worlds created by Claudia Roulier in her assemblages, paintings and drawings. She selects the basic elements for each of her art works from her rich collections of objects, pictures and prints, tending to the old, rich in variety, and quite amenable to fashioning into her visions of the unseen or unimagined darker and more curious realities of humankind and of existence. Her works form urban narratives, often symbolizing urban decay. And yet her work is never heavy-handed and obvious; she makes her point with the curious, with the fabulous and with the eerily warped."

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Re better explained by the composition theory, due to the aggressive nature of the epthelial cells involved which tend to metastasize much more readily than the sarcomal component. viagra samples The behavior of mmmt overall is more related to the type and grade of the epithelium than the sarcoma, which suggests the sarcomal portion is an atypical "bystandar" than primary driver of the tumor. Despite this, when purely endometrial tumors are compared to mmmts, the mmmt tumor tends to have a worse prognosis. [1] [edit] morphology carcinosarcoma of the uterus in gross appearance, mmmts are fleshier than adenocarcinomas, may be bulky and polypoid, and sometimes protrude through the cervical os. On histology, the tumors consist of adenocarcinoma (endometrioid, serous or clear cell) mixed with the malignant mesenchymal (sarcoma) elements; alternatively, the tumor may contain two distinct and separate epithelial and mesenchymal components. Sarcomatous components may also mimic extrauterine tissues (e. G. natural viagra for women , striated muscle, cartilage, adipose tissue, and bone). Metastases usually contain only epithelial components. [edit] prognosis outcome of mmmts is determined primarily by depth of invasion and stage. As with endometrial carcinomas, the prognosis is influenced by the grade and type of the adenocarcinoma, being poorest with serous differentiation. Mmmts are highly malignant; a stage i tumor has an expected five-year survival rate of 50%, while the overall five-year survival rate is less than 20%. [1] staging of uterine mmmts is as follows: [3] stage i. Carcinoma is confined to the corpus uteri itself. Stage ii. viagra generic Carcinoma involves the corpus and the cervix. viagra available generic usa Stage iii. Carcinoma extends outside the uterus but not outside the lesser pelvis. Stage iv. Carcinoma extends outside the true pelvis or involves the mucosa of the bladder or the rectum. [edit] references ^ a b c d e siegal gp; chhieng dc (2005). Updates in diagnostic pathology. Berlin: springer. Pp.  12–14. Isbn 0-387-25357-2. viagra online viagra   ^ abeln, e. C. natural viagra for women A. ; smit, v. T. viagra coupon H. B. M. ; wessels, j. W. ; de leeuw, w. J. F. ; cornelisse, c. J. viagra for sale philippines ; fleuren, g. viagra canada online J. viagra 20 mg come si usa (1997). "molecular genetic evidence for the conversion hypothesis of the origin of malignant mixed mã¼llerian tumours". Journal of pathology 183 (4): 424. Doi:10. 1002/(sici)1096-9896(199712)183:4<424::aid-path949>3. 0. Co;2-l. Pmid 9496259. viagra canada    edit ^ jon aster md; vinay kumar mbbs md frcpath; abul k. Abbas mbbs; nelson fausto md (2009). order viagra Robbins & cotran pathologic basis of disease. Philadelphia: saunders. Isbn 1-4160-3121-9.   v t e connective/soft tissue tumors and sarcomas (icd-o 8800–9059) (c45â.