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"Imagine surrealistic worlds, images and objects that are at the same time frightening and fanciful, weird and whimsical, eerie and eccentric, and in all cases arresting and provoking. These are the worlds created by Claudia Roulier in her assemblages, paintings and drawings. She selects the basic elements for each of her art works from her rich collections of objects, pictures and prints, tending to the old, rich in variety, and quite amenable to fashioning into her visions of the unseen or unimagined darker and more curious realities of humankind and of existence. Her works form urban narratives, often symbolizing urban decay. And yet her work is never heavy-handed and obvious; she makes her point with the curious, with the fabulous and with the eerily warped."

©COPYRIGHT CLAUDIA ROULIER 2016   claudiaroulier@me.com
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