Home disclaimer the author introduction links     lewy body dementia this form of dementia is likely the second most common dementia after alzheimers disease. Ref. 10 describes certain characteristic immunohistochemical changes that are typical for the degenerative inclusion cysts in neurons, called lewy bodies (brain biopsy) in the brains of these patients. The authors of ref. 11 did autopsies on 273 nursing home patients and correlated their mental status recordings prior to death to the brain pathology found later. They could establish that the severity of dementia was directly linked to the amount of lewy bodies present in the brain of each patient. how well does viagra daily work This was independent of other psychiatric disease such as alzheimers disease or parkinson disease. cheap viagra Ref. 10 suggested too that a new name should be given to lewy body dementia, namely "diffuse lewy body disease". Typical symptoms of this disease are visual hallucinations. Also, patients are quite sensitive to antipsychotic medications, which have anticholinergic side-effects producing parkinson disease like symptoms as adverse effects. There is a decrease in the metabolism of the occipital part of the brain (in the back of the brain) as depicted in these pet scan images.   home page alzheimers, dementia and delirium       disclaimer this outline is only a teaching aid to patients and should stimulate you to ask the right questions when seeing your doctor. However, the responsibility of treatment stays in the hands of your doctor and you. References 1. Ol lopez et al. Neurology 2000 dec 55(12):1863-1869. 2. viagra generic K yasojima et al. Brain res 2000 dec 887(1):80-89. 3. A kontush et al. Freeradicbiol med2001jan30(1): 119-128. 4. H vanderstichele et al. Amyloid 2000dec7(4):245-258. 5. Neely et al. Lipids 2000 nov35(11):1249-1257. 6. Ra yokel neurotoxicology 2000 oct21(5):813-828. 7. best time of day to take daily viagra Petanceska et al. generic viagra canada Exp gerontol 2000 dec 35 (9-10):1317-1325. 8. Mb liddell et al. Brit j psychiatry 2001 jan 178: 7-11. 9. Sramek et al. generic viagra without prescription Expertopininvestigdrugs2000apr9(4):899-915. generic viagra 10. K kosaka et al. Neuropathology 2000 march 20(1): 1-7. 11. V haroutunian et al. cheap viagra online pro Arch neurol 2000 aug57(8):1145-1150. how well does viagra daily work 12. C puckett et al. Am j hum genet 1991aug49(2):320-329. 13. M haltia ann med 2000 oct 32(7): 439-500. 14. Ferri: ferri's clinical advisor: instant diagnosis and treatment, 2004 ed. , copyright â© 2004 mosby, inc. 15. Rakel: conn's current therapy 2004, 56th ed. , copyright â© 2004 elsevier last modified: june 23, 2012 this site complies to the honcode standard for trustworthy health information: verify here.   copyright â© 2008 nethealth holdings inc. Site design by: vintex web design | all rights reserved contact:. E abstr 19. viagra online

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